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About Pete

Pete Worrall is an independent author who watched far too many Hammer Horror films when he was young. His favourite authors are Ian Fleming, Robert Goddard, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. 

in 2008 he released he debut novel, 'They Grow Upon The Eyes'. The sequel, 2011's "The Doom of the Hollow', followed to critical acclaim with 'The Unforeseen Children of Olive Shipley' completing the trilogy in 2013. Two ghost story shorts were released the following year along with a change of direction.
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After attending the MET Film School in London in 2015 to learn more about screenplays, he has returned to the short story format with 2017's The Shimmer at Fog Cottage. 

He has contributed music reviews, articles, features and interviews for www. and He lives in England and is currently working on 4 new stories, a film script, a play and his next full length novel.
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